Monday, January 4, 2010


Episode 12: Home

Um, okay, so this episode was a clip show. A clip show! I was pretty annoyed throughout the whole episode, but then afterwards, I realized there was still some progression forward, especially in the R&K department.

Richard wakes up and finds himself back home with his family. Zedd's just a regular crazy old dude and Kahlan doesn't exist :( As happy as Richard is to see his father, he's devastated there's no Kahlan. Everyone around him keeps telling him he just dreamed her and everything else up.
What's really going on is that Darken Rahl put a spell on him to try to get him to tell him where the third box of Orden is.

Zedd & Kahlan spend the whole episode trying to wake Richard up and Richard spends the whole episode in his dream home world recapping the series thus far. Darken Rahl spends the whole episode making believe he's Zedd and Richard's old girlfriend. Kinda creepy. Also, Darken Rahl is kinda hot.

BTW, Richard's old girlfriend is reeeeally unappealing. I cant believe that was his girlfriend. Okay, I realize she was technically Darken Rahl, but still.
Also, I must say Richard's (and Craig Horner's) wtf is happening faces are awesome in this ep.

Gratuitous chiseled abs alert!

Just as Richard's going to tell Darken Rahl where the third box of Orden is, Kahlan gets through to him. Of course!
Richard, it's me, Kahlan. Dont listen to what they're telling you. Remember all the things we've been through.
Think of me, Richard. I'm right here. I need you, Richard. I need you here with me.
That night- in the forest...I never wanted that kiss to end.

I love you Richard.

Yaay, R&K are back together and the box of Orden is safe. But seriously- clip show?! Okay, sorry, hehe, done.
As real as it was in every way- nothing in my life has been more real than you.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Episode 11: Confession

Okay, first off, I totally think they should give us some eps that deal with R&K's backstories, especially Kahlan, cause apparently she had some interesting adventures before meeting Richard. Like meeting resistance people who she owes her life to and wants to just stop the mission to go and help. I mean that has to be some backstory right? Anyways...luckily Richard goes with her :) And Zedd goes off to get a key from his brother.

Confessor can't travel without her Seeker, the Seeker can't travel without his Confessor.

Thanks Zedd :)

One of Kahlan's resistance friends was killed and she's super angry and wants to get justice. She winds up confessing a man and gets him to confess to the murder and he is hanged.

But then it turns out the hanged man was robbing some man when he supposedly was to have committed the murder. As you can imagine, Kahlan's whole belief system starts shattering. Richard is supportive and thinks there's probably bad magic is behind it all.
There's something wrong with me.
I know you, and who you are is more than some magical power you have.

Then someone tries to kill Kahlan and she is shot with an arrow! Love how R&K stare at eachother intently before he pulls it out. Love that Kahlan's all badass and sends Richard off to find the assailant cause she can take care of herself.

Of course, some other dude gets to clean her sexy wound. That would've been a good job for Richard, sigh.
When she finds Richard, he's in shock and says he killed a woman- the hanged man's sister.
Kahlan doesn't believe he'd ever do such a thing and vows to remain alongside him and find out what's going on. Love the devotion these two have.

So, it turns out there's this magic orb that can put false memories into someone. It's revealed that one of Kahlan's resistance friends is behind everything. Kahlan's pretty devastated. Richard's all super comforting in his Richard way :)

Luckily, before Kahlan's friend is hanged, they discover the real culprit was a secret Darken Rahl supporter. Kahlan confesses him and they get to keep his magical orb!

And yes, Kahlan learned her lesson- not to be all hasty and vengeful, etc. She's badass, she'll be okay.
Things were never this complicated in Westland.
You could always go back.
Not a chance.